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"Christ-centered herbal & birth services."
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According to the World Health Organization, 71% of all deaths globally are the result of noncommunicable disease.

Noncommunicable diseases are chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, and are grossly the result of nutrition and lifestyle choices. As a result, these conditions are largely reversible. As a clinical herbal practitioner, I specialize in chronic disease and women's health. I combine traditional knowledge with scientific evidence to facilitate healing, and to bring the individual to a state of wellness in their mind, body, and soul. I believe that we can utilize herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle to drastically change how we operate as a society and deal with what are ultimately lifestyle diseases.
The current societal norms of overwork, stress, inadequate sleep, the standard American diet, inactivity, pesticide use, prescription drug abuse, and being indoors most of the day have made the majority of the population mineral and nutrient deficient, sick, and stressed. My mission is to change that.  The ability to be able to help the 41 million people who are suffering needlessly, is what inspires me everyday.